About Polly



Hi Friends, 

I am so excited to share my love of painting and creating with you and hope you will find some inspiration through it; but first a little bit about my creative journey.

My name is Polly McGraw and I am the owner and artist of The Noisy Leaf, LLC, mom of Emily and Parker and wife to Scott.  My earliest memories of being creative are when I was a little girl when I would carefully pick out my next new coloring book and brand new box of Crayola crayons, and if it was the 64 pack with a sharpener on the back, well I was just happier than could be!

In elementary school, I would teach kids in my class how to macrame bracelets and necklaces and my grandmother was an avid crocheter and taught me and my cousins the basics during family visits.

I began my adult creative journey when my kids were babies, using their nap times as times to create. Watching the early 90s DIY shows would give me inspiration in decorating and crafts projects, from scrapbooking, mosaics with pottery, knitting, and finally painting. A very talented neighbor and friend introduced me to the world of painting on canvas and generously gifted me with my very first easel. I still have that easel and use it to this day! 

Today, I find my inspiration in nature and from other artists that support me with encouragement and business advice and of course my family. 

Thank you for your support by purchasing my art and sharing it with others that may love it too!